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If you have been disappointed with the outcome of medical treatment or advice from a doctor, dentist or other medical professional under whose care you or a family member have been placed, consult with us .
If this is the case you may have been a victim of medical negligence an expert medical negligence solicitor from our team will see to see if we can assist you.
Medical negligence is an extremely emotive subject and our aim is to provide you with the right legal advice to create a satisfactory outcome to your case.


What constitutes medical negligence
Medical negligence constitutes any malpractice by act or omission carried out by any medical practitioner and includes
a lack of informed consent
child birth
cosmetic surgery
a failure to diagnose /refer for specialist treatment
post operative management
contraction of MRSA or other infection whilst in hospital care
dental/orthodontic treatment

What constitutes medical negligence
Medical evidence will be required to substantiate your claim. If you have attended hospital or your own doctor we will ask you to complete at your consultation a Form of Authority to release hospital and/or GP notes and records to us. These will be reviewed with you, and will not be shared with anyone without your specific authority. If it becomes necessary to provide copies of GP notes and records to the other party’s insurance company or to solicitors appointed by those insurers we take great care in agreeing with you which entries are not relevant to the claim and can therefore be withheld.

You may have to attend with a medical consultant who will be asked to prepare a report for us. Consultants are specialists in the fields of medicine in which they practice and are therefore best placed to fully assess your injuries and the extent of any recovery you will make.  We are very selective in the Consultants we use to ensure the highest quality of reports and that our clients are treated with the respect they deserve. The advice we give all our clients who have been injured at work is that in preparation for any appointments with consultants they should from the outset keep detailed notes of the dates of any hospital/doctor’s appointments, medication prescribed or taken, symptoms, and how day-to-day activities have been affected.
What do we do?
The specialist solicitor appointed to deal with your case will write to the practitioner with details of your claim. The practitioner is obliged by Court Rules to investigate and furnish a full response within 3 months of our letter It is at that stage that we can determine whether negotiations are to commence or whether Court proceedings are necessary. You will be kept fully informed throughout and will retain full control of the decision-making process.
What is involved in making a claim?
At your free first consultation an expert medical negligence solicitor from our claims and compensations team will take detailed instructions from you of the circumstances giving rise to your initial treatment, your symptoms at the time of receiving advice, and the procedure or advice you received to get an understanding of your situation. You should have the following for your initial meeting:
photographic ID; passport or driving licence
Proof of Address; a utility bill, bank statement or similar document addressed to you at your home address
your National Insurance Number
your employer’s name and address
wage slips for the 6 months prior to the accident
records of any financial loss you have suffered.
details of any medical treatment, including any hospitals attended and the name and address of your own doctor

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