Notary Public Solicitors in Northern Ireland

For over 110 years, DND Law (Notary Public Solicitors in Northern Ireland) have been at the forefront of developments in the Legal Profession in Northern Ireland

DND Law’s (Notary Public Solicitors in Northern Ireland) focus is to deliver superior levels of service, building relationships that grow over time and developing specialist knowledge to help DND Law’s (Notary Public Solicitors Craigavon in Northern Ireland) clients achieve their goals.

With offices in Newry, Castlewellan and Dublin, DND Law (Notary Public Solicitors in Northern Ireland) offer legal services both to Businesses and Private individuals both in Northern Ireland and the in the Republic of Ireland.

For Private clients services include Wills, Family Law, Employment Law, Conveyancing, Probate, Claims and other Litigation.

DND Law (Notary Public Solicitors in Northern Ireland) have particular expertise in many areas of law for Commercial clients such as Property Development, Land Acquisition, Employment Law, Banking and Finance.

For more information DND Law’s (Notary Public Solicitors in Northern Ireland) services then please call 028 302 64611.

Our Mr Kevin Neary is a Notary Public and is available by appointment to undertake the functions of a Notary

If my you have any questions and want an immediate response please contact our Mr Kevin Neary who is happy to answer your questions by return of email to

An Explanation of Notary Services in Northern Ireland

We can issue notarial certifications for every country in the world. When documents issued or signed in the UK are to be used in a different country, it is often necessary to have those documents Notarised and/or Legalised under Apostille. Notarial Certificates and/or Apostille Legalisations may be required, amongst other, for the following documents:

We can help you to legalise your documents making your life easier and saving you time and hassle. We understand how complex it can be getting your documents authenticated in the UK, that’s why we have introduced a new service for the legalisation of birth, death and marriage certificates, and also for degree certificates from UK universities.

Note that you have to supply us with the original documents in order for us to be able to have them notarised or legalised. Birth, death and marriage certificates need only be Apostilled at the foreign and common wealth office, but degrees need to be notarised first and then Apostilled.

The above procedures apply for documents originating from countries who are signatories to the Hague Convention, documents from those countries who are not signatories might also need to be authenticated by the appropriate embassy. The price of these services are contingent upon the individual embassies and will vary accordingly.

Our service is reasonably priced, and we can have your documents legalised within three days.

If the country where the UK documents are to be used is not a signatory to The Hague Convention 1961, the UK documents will need to be Legalised in the following manner:

  1. Foreign & Commonwealth Office will need to certify the authenticity of the UK Officer’s signature and/or seal (e.g. the Notary’s signature and seal); and
  2. The Embassy, Consulate or Chamber of Commerce (as the case may be) of the country where the documents are to be used will need to certify the authenticity of the above Foreign & Commonwealth Office certificate.

The procedure, cost and time scale may vary depending on the country where the documents are to be used.

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